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Sunday - June 16, 2024

Recalling God’s Days: Liberation of South Lebanon in 2000

Resistance and Liberation Day
Image prepared by Al-Manar English Website on the 24th anniversary of Resistance and Liberation Day.
Al-Manar English Website staff

“Hezbollah’s greatest achievement since its establishment was the withdrawal of the Israeli army from Lebanon in 2000,” former Israeli Northern Command Chief of Staff Brig.-Gen. Asher Ben Lulu was quoted by Israeli media as saying in early May.

24 years have passed on the liberation of south Lebanon and the Zionist entity is still recalling its humiliating defeat on May 25, 2000.

Al-Manar looks back into that triumphant days, once called by some Lebanese people as God’s days, when the Lebanese resistance heroically forced the occupation forces out of south Lebanon.

The video below, prepared by Areej Fatima Husseini gives a glance on the occasion and shows the unforgettable moments when jubilant Lebanese citizens, who endured years of Israeli oppression, celebrated the historic victory.

The anniversary of south Lebanon liberation comes this year as the region witnesses high tensions due to the brutal Israeli war on Gaza, now in its eighth month, and has killed nearly 36,000 people and injured more than 80,000 others.

The war has prompted resistance groups across the region to move in support of the besieged territory, with Hezbollah opening up the south Lebanon front, Yemen’s Ansarullah attacking Israel-bound ships in the Red Sea and beyond and the Islamic Resistance in Iraq staging strikes against Israeli and US targets in the occupied territ